Two-stroke marine diesel engines operate without a dedicated lubrication system. This mechanical fact causes rapid wear of the piston rods. The premature wear has inevitable effects on the reliability and overall life span of the engine.

Aludra's engineering department has developed a new surface coating that strengthens the piston rods with a shield-like, durable surface layer. Once applied, this coating will ensure a greatly extended, care free life span of two-stroke marine diesel engines.

Fact: no measurable wear
Aludra's newly engineered, two-stroke piston rod coating has been successfully used to recondition UEC-85-LS, RTA 76 and RTA 58 types of piston rods. During a long term study, piston rods (processed by Aludra) were put to use in several Sulzer RTA-84 engines. The piston rods have been in service for more than 30 thousand running hours (often under extreme load capacity) and are still without any measurable traces of wear.

Start where it counts: right at the surface 
With Aludra's engineered coatings, advanced spraying technology and pre- & post machining facilities you can count on:
- Improved micro hardness (DPH100>600)
- Improved surface resistance
- Improved abrasive and adhesive resistance
- Improved topography
- Decreased friction coefficient (no stick slip)

Aludra's surface added strength
Ensures you a great return on investment by means of:
- Longer lifespan
- Reduced maintenance (down time & costs)
- Increased lead times
- Improved durability & sustainability
- Improved overall economy

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