At the heart of a reliable operation of, for example sluice doors, dams, docks and marine vessels lies the hydraulic piston rod. In day-to-day practice this indispensable mechanical part is exposed to extreme and continuous environmental conditions that can easily cause serious malfunction and down time of the complete installation.
To ensure a greatly extended, care free lifespan of hydraulic piston rods our engineers have developed yet an other innovation in surface treatment technology: Aludra's Engineered Based Coating or EBC type CB24.2

Proven improvement
As clearly indicated in extensive everyday practice and by countless resistance tests Aludra's new EBC type CB24.2 performs measurably better than conventional hard-chromium coatings (in terms of mechanical and physical properties). Once applied by our thermal spraying division through means of Atmospheric Plasma Spraying, Aludra's mechanics will finish the job by carefully machining the part to its final dimensions.

Let's start where it counts, right at the surface!
With Aludra's advanced EBC, thermal spraying technology and pre- & post machining facilities you can count on properties such as:
- Improved atmospheric resistance
- Improved hardness
- Increased bend and bond strength
- Decreased coefficient of friction (no stick slip)
- Improved topography

Take advantage of Aludra's surface added strength
And ensure your self of a great return on investment, with a solid pay back in terms of:
- Longer lifespan
- Less maintenance (down time & costs)
- Increased production liability
- Improved sustainability
- Increased overall economy

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