Saemangeum – South Korea
44 x Ø320 x 11 meters
Prestigious water win project. Sluice doors where build into a 33 kilometre dam. In total 44 piston rods (with integrated linear measurement system) were coated with Aludra’s CB24 (Ceramic Coating). Lead time: 4 months. Project completed in 2005. Periodical inspection (beginning of 2011) showed no traces of corrosion and/or wear

Nakdong River – South Korea
20 x Ø320 x 14,5 meters
Because of the positive results of the Saemangeum Water win project, an additional order was issued for the Nakdong River Project in the south east of South Korea. The piston rods were coated with Aludra’s CB24 (Ceramic Coating). Project will be completed in 2011


Ohkouzu Diversion Channel – Japan

8 x Ø310 x 8.9 meters – 4 x Ø260 x 9.3 meters – 8 x Ø 1.8 meters

The project was issued by the Ministry of land, infrastructure transportation and tourisme as part of the moveable wear reconstruction of the gates and equipment of this man-made channel. The piston rods were coated with Aludra’s CB24

The project was executed and completed in 2010 


Panama Canal – South America

88 x Ø250* 9 meters

Replacement of the original valve and mitter gate mechanism. Piston rods were coated with Aludra’s CB42 (Ceramic Coating).

Project was completed in 1998

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